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Dietitian Review: The Low-Carb Mediterranean Cookbook

Chew the Facts reviewed the new Low-Carb Mediterranean Cookbook by Michelle Dudash, RDN

Registered Dietitian, Rosanne Rust, of Chew the Facts reviewed my new cookbook and here is just a bit of what she had to say. “The recipes in the book are fantastic.” “There are a lot of common ingredients, so once you set up your “Mediterranean pantry”...
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Low-Carb Appetizers

Chef and Registered Dietitian, Michelle Dudash, shares healthy appetizer recipes from her new book, The Low-Carb Mediterranean Cookbook.

My new book, The Low-Carb Mediterranean Cookbook, was inspired by my readers, viewers, colleagues, friends, and family who are always looking for low-carb recipes. As a dietitian, though, I wanted to pair it with one of the healthiest diets in the world—the Mediterranean diet. The book was written...
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Head to ALDI for Your 4th of July Recipes

My favorite ALDI foods that you can enjoy in your 4th of July recipes

To help you get ready for the 4th of July, I teamed up with ALDI for this sponsored blog post and “Indy Style” segment. I’m obsessed with finding high-quality food at affordable prices, and ALDI delivers just that! Whether you’re having a backyard kickback,...
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Nutrition Expert Shares 5 Principles of Clean Eating with EatingWell

Check out culinary and nutrition expert Michelle Dudash’s article featured in the January/February issue of EatingWell magazine on the 5 Principles of Clean Eating. The principles include consuming more whole foods, fewer processed and high sodium foods, eating more vegetables, and choosing whole grain...
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3 Summer Vacation Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them with the Right Foods

Sponsored post Whether you’re amusement park-bound with the family this summer, lounging on the sun-soaked beach, or heading to grandma’s house at the lake, there are foods and strategies to conquer common summer vacation woes. 1. How to prevent fatigue and sluggishness caused by dehydration Don’t...
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