The New Diet Coke Ad: Is aspartame safe? A nutritionist’s point of view.

The saga continues. This morning I appeared on CBS 5 in Phoenix to discuss the Coca-Cola company’s new ad defending their products, namely Diet Coke containing aspartame. With Diet Coke sales dropping by 3% last year (Beverage News), placing the ad is a strategy to win back market...
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Why You Should Eat Fat: The 7 Best Foods

Which Fats are Good for You? Sponsored The misconception that fat is “bad” kills my soul a little every time I hear it because it is so not true. While we should limit saturated fat and avoid added trans fats at all costs, foods containing “good” fats offer a...
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Nutritionist On The Road Again at BlogHer

As I write this I sit in my hotel room overlooking the marina in San Diego. Where exactly? I have no idea. I’m attending BlogHer Conference 2011 on behalf of a client and fortunately they made all of my travel arrangements. Ignorance is bliss...
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Coasting Through the Freezer Challenge

After getting Scarlet off to preschool by myself two days in a row, I’d like to offer my utmost respect and props to all the parents out there who perform this feat daily. Typically Steve gets ready for work while I dress and feed Scarlet,...
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Can I Get a Remedy? Monday

I made Scarlet scrambled eggs for breakfast, and tossed a couple extra into the pan for myself. The perfectly ripe mango (client) on the counter played a refreshing role in the meal, next to a piece of whole wheat toast topped with buttery spread....
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Michelle’s 40-Day Freezer Challenge

As a recipe developer, writer, spokesperson, and media personality, a variety of random foods related to projects find their way into my kitchen. After the third test of a recipe, I might freeze the last batch to enjoy when my taste buds have recovered. I may need...
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