New Year Resolutions: 7 Healthy Ways to Press Reset Before Starting


Just like you, I consumed more than my fair share of cured meat, sugar, and alcohol over the holiday, partaking in everything that the season has to offer. After the dust has settled, I don’t let it get me down. Instead, I get healthy and reboot my pantry, plate and living room for a total reboot. Here is how I do it.

number-1Swap breakfast pastries with lean protein, good fats and fiber.

Oftentimes I start my day out with sprouted grain toast topped with avocado and an egg, and a pear. Or today I had oatmeal sprinkled with goji berries and hemp seeds. Ahhhh…

number-2Sip tea, water and mocktails instead of sugary drinks and cocktails.

I stock my pantry with an assortment of teas for all times of day and flavor cravings, including green tea, black tea with chocolate and mint, pumpkin spice chai (add hot milk) and matcha.

If I’m craving something cold and bubbly I opt for lime-flavored sparkling water with perhaps a splash of 100% pomegranate juice to make a mocktail. The rest of the day I strive to sip water, since the air is dry. It can be easy to forget to in the cold weather.

number-3Cover up and get outside.

Just because the thermometer took a dive doesn’t mean you can’t get some outdoor activity. Take it from me, I recently relocated from Arizona to Indiana. I just layer on a hat, leggings, thin gloves and a few layers of tops and shells and I am cozy and cool.

It’s amazing how just by wearing a few thin layers are enough to keep you warm. So invigorating. If the sidewalks are too slippery, buy a yoga video on iTunes. Body by Bethenny is one of my go-tos.
number-4End dinner with fresh seasonal fruit instead of cookies and pie.

This time of year, I keep kiwi, oranges, grapes and strawberries (Florida or California) on hand and especially enjoy them after dinner.

number-5Just add salad.

Even if there are still leftover fried meatballs and lasagna to consume after the holiday, I make sure to prepare a big green salad for all to enjoy. It’s a delicious way to cleanse the palate after a heavy meal, too.

number-6Clean out the pantry.

After all of your guests have headed back home, cut the clutter and start with a fresh slate. Trash the cookies that have been sitting on the counter—they don’t taste as good anymore, anyway.

All of those packaged treats people sent you in gift baskets? Only stow your high-quality favorites, dumping the rest or giving them away. As for those bags of rolls, biscuits and other refined carbs—throw them away, unless they are still in tip-top shape, freezing them if you must.

number-7Put away Christmas early.

Putting away all of the holiday decorations is a great way to reboot your brain and home and get ready for a clean and healthy new year ahead.

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