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Michelle Shares Tips for Staying Healthy with the Cooking Channel

Michelle Dudash was featured by Cooking Channel sharing her tips for stay healthy. Her easy tips of listening to true hunger were featured with other tips from top dietitians around the country. Michelle also emphasized eating without rules and that it is ok to...
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Part II: Clean Eating Expert as Guest of #RDchat Twitter Chat

Part II of #RDchat Michelle Dudash, chef nutritionist and author of the new cookbook Clean Eating for Busy Families, weighed in as a guest contributor to the hot discussion of clean eating via the Twitter chat #RDchat. The chat was moderated by registered dietitian Janet Helm on December...
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Nutritionist Talks with About the Health Benefits of Winter Squash

Reported by Team Michelle Recently,’s Cheryl Sternman Rule caught up with nutrition expert Michelle Dudash to discuss the health benefits of winter squash. Winter squash is high in fiber, yielding 3 grams for every half cup of cooked squash. Fiber helps with digestion and can increase your satiety,...
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TV Nutritionist Shares Best and Worst Kids Drinks

While parents make the effort to slide more fruits and vegetables into their children’s lunch boxes, choosing healthy beverages can often be overlooked or downright confusing. This weekend I stopped by Good Morning Arizona on 3TV with Tess Rafols to share the best and worst...
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Nutritionist Behind the Scenes During a Satellite Media Tour (SMT)

Last month I was thrilled to appear in a satellite media tour on behalf of the national Got Milk? campaign. Many people have asked me, “What is an SMT?” During this SMT, I appeared in about 20 TV (mostly) and radio segments filmed in...
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Nutritionist on Arizona Midday: After-School Snacks

Reported by Megan Hall Now that August is upon us, it’s time to start thinking about going back to school. But it’s not just about notebooks and pencils—why not find some new ideas for after-school snacks? Providing a healthy snack after school is a great...
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Ginger: How to Cure Morning Sickness Naturally

The sweet, citrusy fragrance of ginger and its spicy taste accompany a multitude of therapeutic benefits. The Food and Drug Administration classifies ginger as “generally recognized as safe” and ginger has been used as a common remedy for morning sickness during early pregnancy. Ginger...
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Spring Clean Your Kitchen to Get Healthy

With flowers budding, weeds popping, and the temperature rising, spring is here, leaving people inspired to clean out garages, closets, and the kitchen! nutrition expert and chef Michelle Dudash explains how to give your kitchen a healthy food makeover. Be Ruthless Remember, if it’s not in...
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How to Eat More Protein During Pregnancy

Written by Jessica Marie, RD, reviewed by Michelle Dudash, RD. Pregnancy is the time for preparing yourself and your world for your new little one. When a new baby is on the way it seems that you need more of everything: more furniture, space, clothes,...
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