A Fit and Flavorful Fourth of July as Featured on Arizona Midday

Fourth with Michelle and Destry

Fourth with Michelle and Destry

It’s a holiday weekend, but heavy party food can really weigh you down in the summer heat. I’ve got your Fourth of July covered with an appetizer idea, a light-but-flavorful grilled chicken dish and a cocktail with an ingredient list that doubles as dessert!

Dips are popular party food for a reason. They’re a low-stress option for the host, and everyone loves them. I skip the heavy versions often loaded with mayo and cheese and opt for hummus instead. My family and I have been eating Sabra hummus for years, and they recently started working with me to help educate people about the ways hummus can help get you towards nutrition goals. Two heaping spoonfuls of the chickpea spread also help you meet the recommended goal of 1 ½ cups of beans a week. Hummus together with whole wheat pita or tortilla chips help you up your whole grain intake. Pairing with sugar snap peas, bell pepper strips and thick cucumber slices boost the fiber and nutrient content of this super simple appetizer.

Fourth Sabra hummus

If you’re like most Americans, you will be breaking out the grill this weekend. My 5-Ingredient Cajun-Spiced Grilled Chicken Thighs are perfect for the holiday. With its bright and tangy flavor, no one will miss the sugar-sweet bottled barbecue sauces. Best of all, they are better when prepped ahead of time, hours before any guests start arriving. No rushing around with last minute preparations!

Fourth chicken and sangria

What’s a summer holiday without a cocktail? My White Wine Sangria with Summer Fruits is cool and refreshing—perfect for the July heat. The flexible ingredient list lets you make the most of July’s amazing array of in-season produce. Whether you opt for peaches and figs, melon and grapes, or a red, white and blue combination of summer berries, you can’t lose.

Double up the fruit on your shopping list, and dessert is basically done! While you’re chopping up your fruit for your sangria, keep up the work and prep dessert ahead of time. Slice up a watermelon, wash some cherries, snip grapes bunches into single-serving clusters. Arrange on a platter, cover and refrigerate until needed. Once the main course is cleared away, all you have to do is remove the from the fridge and you’re done. After a long hot day, who can say no to an icy cold fruit display?

Feeling a little more ambitious? Top a Fruit Pizza with all of that beautiful produce!


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