Nutritionist Talks with About the Health Benefits of Winter Squash

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Image courtesy of Nuchylee /

Image courtesy of Nuchylee /

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Recently,’s Cheryl Sternman Rule caught up with nutrition expert Michelle Dudash to discuss the health benefits of winter squash. Winter squash is high in fiber, yielding 3 grams for every half cup of cooked squash. Fiber helps with digestion and can increase your satiety, making you fuller longer. With 100 percent of your body’s daily vitamin A, winter squash supports eye health through the vitamin A beta-carotene. Vitamin A is also an anti-oxidant which can fight free radicals in the body and enhance cell function.

Michelle also explains that the ‘nutritional powerhouse’ winter squash provides vitamin C, potassium, and some niacin, folate, and iron. Winter squash is also only 38 calories per serving, making this cold winter vegetable a must for your dinner tables.

Find the article here: Wonderful winter squash: fresh talk


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