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Halloween Recipes as seen on “Indy Style”

Tonight is the big night! Are you ready? Don’t be too scared. I whipped up these quick and easy Halloween recipes using mostly ingredients I already had on hand. You can find the funky tropical fruits at Asian markets and natural or fine food...
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Nutritious Spin on Peaches and Cream Using Canned Foods

Try this dessert made with condensed milk and canned peaches

As a chef, dietitian, and busy mom cooking for a family, I have always enjoyed canned foods at home. My favorite go-to’s that I always keep on hand include canned beans (vegan protein in an instant), canned pasta sauce (my girls love), canned green...
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Foods That Help You Sleep

Do you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep? I cover three nutrients in foods and where to get them to help you sleep better.

Do you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep? I hear this often from people. In addition to good sleep “hygiene” (like avoiding blue light before bedtime, having pre-sleep rituals, ensuring cool room temperature, etc., the foods you eat can help with your sleep,...
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The Best Kitchen Knives

Good sharp knives make the cooking process oh so much more enjoyable.

Since my knife care video and knife storage video a few months back were both so popular, I took it a step further to show you the exact knives that I use the most at home. Good knives make such a difference. I know that...
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MSG is Umami: 5 Facts (Not Fear) from the World Umami Forum

I attended the action-packed World Umami Forum and learned a lot about MSG and umami.

Last week I had a whirlwind three-day trip in one of my favorite places–New York City–at the World Umami Forum. The event was presented by Ajinomoto, maker of MSG. First off, MSG/Ajinomoto is not my client, nor am I paid to talk about MSG. They...
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Tailgate Food Ideas with ALDI

My favorite tailgate foods from ALDI you can enjoy this football season.

To help you get ready for this football season, I teamed up with ALDI on this sponsored blog post and “Indy Style” segment. I am all about serving and eating top-notch game day food, but I still want to be mindful of my party...
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Head to ALDI for Your 4th of July Recipes

My favorite ALDI foods that you can enjoy in your 4th of July recipes

To help you get ready for the 4th of July, I teamed up with ALDI for this sponsored blog post and “Indy Style” segment. I’m obsessed with finding high-quality food at affordable prices, and ALDI delivers just that! Whether you’re having a backyard kickback,...
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Feeling Bloated After Eating Post-Super Bowl? Do this, says a nutritionist.

Stop the food bender from going all week.

With the Super Bowl being the most watched show all year and one of the biggest food “holidays,” the day after can be slow-moving for many Americans. If you’re feeling bloated today after eating too much while watching the Super Bowl, there are some things that...
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Quick and Easy Fall Drinks with Cocoa Flavanols, Heart Health Benefits

Enjoy your favorite fall flavors without the added sugars and calories

Recently I teamed up with the CocoaVia® brand to educate my readers about the health benefits of cocoa flavanols. Sponsored by my friends at CocoaVia®, written 100% by me. As the weather dips into cooler temperatures, you may be tempted to indulge in hot café...
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