Easy Labor Day Pimento Cheese Recipe with Greek Yogurt

This easy pimento cheese dip recipe will impress your guests during your get together!

Easy Labor Day Pimento Cheese Recipe with Greek Yogurt Once you start munching on pimento cheese, you can’t stop! Which is why I created this lightened up version, using Greek yogurt in place of cream cheese. You can use non-fat, low-fat, or whole-milk yogurt. You...
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Kickoff Summer with ALDI Food and Recipes

Time for food, fun, and summer with ALDI at home

Summertime fun is on its way. While the kickoff to summer may look different this year, it can still be special – and tasty. ALDI has all your summer spread essentials you love for less. I’ve teamed up with ALDI on this delicious food spread...
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Veggie Burgers: Better for you or not? Dietitian Weighs In.

Should you be eating veggie burgers or not? Just about every restaurant offers veggie burgers these days, and these patties are taking up more and more shelf space in stores. Should you be eating veggie burgers or not? In this post, I’m sharing my best...
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Sherry Vinaigrette Recipe

This sherry vinaigrette recipe is a variation of one I prepared during my fine dining days as a salad chef. It has a fresh, clean taste and accents a bitter greens salad perfectly. You just need a few simple ingredients. Plus, sherry vinegar lasts...
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Philly-Style Pork Loin Sandwich

So. Good. Ready in about a half hour!

This pork loin sandwich is so crave worthy. I originally created it in 2012 for the National Pork Board for a nutrition conference expo and I still love this recipe! It’s ready in just 30 minutes. If you buy a marinated pork loin, you don’t...
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