Healthy Alternatives to Processed Meat as Featured on Arizona Midday

Michelle and Destry on Arizona Midday

Michelle and Destry on Arizona Midday

Recently the World Health Organization released a report about processed meat being linked to cancer in humans. I share my thoughts on the subject with Arizona Midday.

Should we give up these foods entirely?

If you enjoy bacon, hot dogs, salami, bologna, beef jerky—basically any cured red meat—you probably don’t need to give it up entirely, but it’s a good idea to cut it back to special occasions. This report looks at people who ate about 1 1/2 ounces of processed meat daily, for years and years. This report was only correlational, meaning people who ate that level of processed meat had an 18% higher risk of colorectal cancer. It doesn’t mean that if you eat these foods, you will definitely get cancer. A good example is if its raining that can be a hazard to driving. Rain might increase your risk of an accident, but it might not.

Crimini Mushroom Turkey Burger with Cumin and Chile

What are some healthier replacements for processed meats?

Cook marinated chicken breasts or turkey burgers rubbed in spices. Marinating reduces the formation of carcinogens. Marinated pork tenderloin would also be a better option. And don’t forget about grilled veggies.

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How about snacks?

Try canned sardines with whole-wheat crackers.

My favorite brand is BELA Sardines Lemon Flavor—after I tried them, I loved them so much that I recently starting working with them to spread the good word about their taste and nutrition.

They’re always caught fresh and packed within 8 hours. If you like tuna or white fish, you’ll love these sardines, which are moist, in olive oil and flaky.

Portugese sardines are a clean protein source. Plus they have just 120 calories, 11 grams protein. And, no carbs!

And most Americans are falling short in the 2 servings of seafood they should be eating each week, so sardines are an easy way to get you there since they’re ready to eat. They travel really well, too. You can find these at Whole Foods and Sprouts.

Also reach for nuts or a savory trail mix.

Tuna Melt

What should we put in our sandwiches?

Tuna salad or rotisserie chicken. Or go with hummus on your sandwich or in a wrap.

California Avocado & Egg Breakfast Salad

Any replacements for bacon and sausage?

Eggs are a great protein for breakfast. Pair with a fruit salad.

If you’re out to eat, huevos rancheros or a breakfast wrap with avocado and salsa if a really satisfying, flavorful breakfast.

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