Easy, Edible & Economical Fall Table Centerpiece Idea

Edible, economical fall table centerpiece

Edible, economical fall table centerpiece

It has been nearly a year and a half since we moved into our new home and I still haven’t found a permanent table centerpiece that I love for the kitchen table. Until today, when I found inspiration at the grocery store with the shelves brimming with winter squash. Since winter squash keeps for at least a few weeks at room temperature (or a little cooler is even better), you have plenty of time to enjoy it as a table centerpiece before you need to cook it.

From left to right, I used Delicata squash, a candy pumpkin and an acorn squash. Instead of buying decorative squash which can’t be eaten, I figured it was smarter to buy something that could be turned into a tasty fall recipe. Additional pretty fall produce that would work well includes persimmons, apples and pears. Any others?

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