5 BBQ Dangers and Clean Eating Fixes on ABC 7 LA, Behind the Scenes

Grilled Tomatoes Provencal Recipe

Grilled Tomatoes Provencal Recipe

You think BBQ, you think fun in the sun, but there are dangers (chemical, bacteriological and nutritional) lurking around your backyard bash that can be fixed with just a few tiny tweaks. Make this your healthiest summer yet!

I recently appeared on ABC 7 LA Eye Witness news with Food Coach Lori Corbin, sharing five BBQ dangers that can be easily avoided with marinade, herbs and spices and a little kitchen innovation.

BBQ DANGER #1: Meat grilled directly over an open flame chars, which can produce formation of HCAs (heterocyclic amines, likely carcinogens.

BETTER BBQ FIX: Solve with herbs. Marinating and seasoning meat with herbs and spices before grilling greatly reduces the formation of HCAs up to 96%. Ditch the sugary barbecue sauce forever! Certain types of marinades offer a protective barrier between the meat and high temperature.

BETTER BBQ FIX BONUS: Before grilling chicken, pre-cook it in a microwave for a few minutes and pour off the juices. Microwaving chicken for two to five minutes and discarding the juices can reduce HCAs up to 90%.

BBQ DANGER #2: Any salad dressed with a creamy base from yogurt, sour cream, or mayonnaise (especially homemade) is best not left out in the sun since it can spoil and cause food poisoning.

BETTER BBQ FIX: A vinaigrette-based potato, pasta or quinoa salad is a safer bet.

BBQ DANGER #3: If any meat char is transferred to grilled vegetables, then HCAs (likely carcinogens) could contaminate your veggies.

BETTER BBQ FIX: If grilling meats first, be sure to scrape off char from the grill grate with one of the many innovative tools on the market.

BBQ DANGER #4: BBQ fare doesn’t have to weigh you down, especially when you’re wearing your more revealing summer clothing. Dousing corn on the cob with salt and butter piles on sodium, saturated fat and calories.

BETTER BBQ FIX: Get creative by rolling hot corn on the cob in diced or mashed avocado which melts on the corn for creamy deliciousness, then sprinkle with chile powder and lime juice. This avocado “butter” melt is delicious – you won’t miss butter at all!

BBQ DANGER #5: Since some typical BBQ foods are devoid of nutrients, you’ll be walking away with a belly full of nothin’.

BETTER BBQ FIX: Get your boost of antioxidants from an unexpected source – your marinade. You can get some protection and lots of flavor along with nutritional value. Opt for herbs like oregano, rosemary, thyme, and dill (tasty with fish). Among spices, some of the best picks include paprika, garlic, curry, chili, and black pepper.

Behind-the-scenes photos

BBQ grill shoot for ABC 7 LA with Lori Corbin

Lori announcing the introduction for this piece.

Chez Cherie Cooking School in La Canada, LAOn-location at Chez Cherie cooking school in La Canada, California.

ABC 7's Lori Corbin the Food Coach and nutrition expert Michelle DudashLori and I snagging one more shot.

BBQ grill dangers shoot props

And that’s a wrap! Time to enjoy the props. Lunch before heading back to the airport!


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