TV Nutritionist Shares Healthier Halloween Tricks and Treats

TV Nutritionist Shares Tips and Treats You Can Feel Good About Giving for Halloween

Healthier Halloween Candies, Tricks and Treats

Reported by Michele Rinck

As parents hit the grocery stores for Halloween candy, there are some healthier options that parents can feel good about giving to the neighborhood goblins and ghoules. Scottsdale registered dietitian Michelle Dudash shares some fun tips with Arizona Midday that kids can enjoy on Halloween, without the sugar rush.

1. Think Outside of the Box with Healthier Treats

Wonderful Pistachios Frankenweenies packs

These fun, convenient pistachios packs are easy to hand out, are much healthier than candy, fun to eat and contain protein and fiber, which aids in satiety.

Disclosure: I work closely with Wonderful Pistachios.

Icy cold real fruit juice boxes

Keep the little goblins hydrated with 4-6 ounce 100% fruit juice boxes, with citrus and dark purply grape juices having the better nutrition profile.

Single servings of popcorn, pretzels or Pirate Bootie

Some of these snacks are also available as whole grain, which have a higher nutritional value than other snacks.

Sugar-free gum in kid-friendly flavors

TV Nutritionist Shares Tips and Treats You Can Feel Good About Giving for Halloween

2. Best of the worst Halloween candies

Chocolate covered pretzels, 3 Musketeers, York Peppermint Patties, Pay Day and Snickers.

These treats may contain added sugar, but less than other candy options available. Nuts displace some of the sugar, too. The worst candies are those made purely of sugar, without any beneficial nutrients, and that stick to the teeth.

TV Nutritionist Shares Tips and Treats You Can Feel Good About Giving for Halloween

3. Non-food Halloween goodies

Mini play dough packs, Mardi Gras beads, small puzzles, Crayons, stickers, rubber stamps, and Halloween pens, pencils, and erasers.

These festive items are fun, child-friendly, and will last longer than any candy and won’t spoil their dinner.


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  1. Suzanne says:

    Good ideas and I’m glad that my favorite candy bar at least made the “best of the worst” (Snickers)!

    1. I’m LOL, Suzanne. That is one of my favorites, too. For sure!
      Happy Halloween.

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