Phoenix TV Nutritionist Shares Healthy Frozen Pops Recipes

Reported by Meghan Hall

Summer has hit us full-force with heat waves sweeping the country, but that doesn’t mean we all have free rein to snack solely on ice cream. Michelle recently appeared on NBC’s Arizona Midday in Phoenix with Destry Jetton to showcase some cool snacks that are both nutritious and easy.

Many fruits freeze well on their own, including blueberries, grapes, mango, and even bananas dipped in chocolate. (Freeze them all in a single layer on a sheet pan lined with wax paper, and once they’re frozen you can combine them in an airtight container.) Or you can take it up a notch and make your own frozen pops. Homemade fruit pops are healthier than store-bought ones, as you can make them with more fruit and nutrients with no artificial colors or preservatives.  Check out some of Michelle’s recommendations and stay cool!

Dreamy Mango Ice Pops

Sweet Basil’s Watermelon, Blueberry and Lime Pops

Sweet Basil’s Creamy Strawberry Pops

Del Monte’s Peach Yogurt Pops

Laurie Payton’s Orange Cream Pops


Disclosure: Michelle works closely with the National Mango Board.

Meghan Hall is a food policy graduate student and Michelle’s summer intern.

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