TV Nutritionist in Phoenix Shows Healthy Frozen Drinks on Arizona Midday, NBC12

Cut mango from TV Nutritionist Michelle Dudash

Cut mango from TV Nutritionist Michelle Dudash

Arizona Midday host Destry Jetton asked me to come in to the show today and talk about healthy frozen drinks, now that the thermostat is hitting 100 degrees in Phoenix.

Here are the tips and recipes I shared on how to make the healthiest and tastiest frozen drinks.

  • Added sugar under many names is what usually racks up the calories. Instead, rely mostly on naturally sweet fruit, which also provides important nutrients.
  • Make sure the fruits are ripe and in season, for optimal sweetness and slightly soft texture for blending.

The Strawberry Lassie from blogger Dorothy Reinhold uses in-season strawberries, orange juice, almond extract, and agave nectar also accentuate the taste.

I work with mangos and love their Frothy Fresh Mango Green Tea recipe.

The mangos add natural sweetness and just one cup of mango provides 100% of your daily vitamin C. To judge ripeness of a mango, squeeze gently. If the mango has a slight give, it’s ripe and ready to eat. If it’s too firm, let it ripen on the counter for a few days at room temperature. Don’t judge a mango by its color. The red blush you’ll see on some varieties is not an indication of ripeness or quality; it’s simply a characteristic of the variety.

The Kiwi Honey Limeade recipe from Bowl Licking is really refreshing, made with sparkling water, and with the seeds adding a pleasant texture.

Lipton’s Beat the Heat Shake recipe uses just cold brewed tea, one of my favorite summertime drinks, and sorbet or sherbet, so it’s super simple to prepare.

To make my Light Frappé Coffee Mocha recipe:

Blend together 1/2 cup of coffee-flavored yogurt, 4 strong coffee ice cubes, a big splash of milk and a generous swirl of dark chocolate syrup.


Disclosure: I work closely with the National Mango Board, but was not compensated to include them in this post.

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