Welcome Back Healthy Grocery Shopping Haul and Pre-Halloween Bonus

Fry’s Marketplace healthy grocery shopping haul

After returning home this week from a family funeral, I found myself feeding Scarlet applesauce three days in a row, and eating a grilled cheese sandwich filled with wilted spinach and grainy refrigerated tomatoes. Grocery shopping couldn’t be put off another minute. I barely managed to race through the store alone post-workout, before the babysitter left.

Meanwhile, I’m madly testing recipes for the cookbook that I am working on (more details to come soon). My hairdresser painted my roots as I typed this. Not a minute to spare.

Healthy Grocery Shopping Haul

Here are the healthy foods that I bought.

Fry’s Marketplace healthy grocery shopping haul Produce

Red bell pepper

Baby Bella mushrooms

Organic Italian lettuce mix

Bosc pears (Pears are in peak season! Get ‘em while you can.)

Gala apples





Sabra hummus


Whole wheat pita bread

Fry’s Marketplace healthy grocery shopping haul - sundriesSundries

Barilla Plus Pasta

Whole wheat rice cakes made fresh in the store! (really good)

Texas Toast Caesar Croutons (made partially with whole wheat flour)


Dole pear fruit cup in 100% fruit juice

Dole sliced peaches in 100% fruit juice

Starbucks instant coffee packets (I love using these when my husband is away and I don’t feel like cleaning the six-piece coffee maker.)

Clif Bar Kids Z Bar chocolate chip (found a box on the clearance rack for $2.49. Steal.)

Suddenly Salad (I’m working on replicating this with a healthier, homemade version.)

Diet Coke with Splenda (cower)


Ground bison

Fry’s Marketplace healthy grocery shopping haul- freezerFreezer

Amy’s frozen pizza (I always keep one pizza on hand for my husband or babysitter, and gladly eat the leftovers for lunch.)

Nature’s Path waffles

Earth’s Best mini waffles

Fry’s Marketplace healthy grocery shopping haul - dairyDairy case

Chobani Greek yogurt (on sale for $1!)

Stonyfield yogurt (on sale for .79!)

FAGE Greek yogurt (not on sale, but craving it)

Horizon organic 2% milk (already in refrigerator)

I actually stuck to my grocery list, except for two spontaneous selections, saved $14 with my Fry’s VIP card, and spent $109.84.

But wait, there’s more. Two days later I swung through Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market for a few more recipe ingredients, and ended up with these gems:

Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market grocery shopping haulNow, cover your eyes, children, because there’s Halloween candy! I will pull out a couple of pieces for us to enjoy, get excited for the holiday, and then shove the rest high in a cabinet until the big day.

Cherry tomatoes


Bell peppers


Chicken breast

Dark chocolate-covered caramels with sea salt. Yessssss.

Freeze-dried strawberries

Maple syrup

Fresh & Easy Meatball and Pasta frozen entrees for kids

Peanut butter sandwich crackers

Lemon cilantro hummus

Morton fine sea salt

PumpkinHalloween pumpkin

My Fresh & Easy tab came to $63.49.

Now for my next task…Sourcing a pin-up girl dress and wig for my costume. Priorities. Have fun prepping for Hallow’s Eve in the days ahead.


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  1. Brandy says:

    Looks like you have almost everything together, but don’t forget your child’s teeth! Lack of oral care and mouth pain is the number one leading chronic childhood illness and it’s preventable! A lot of parents and children just don’t get the information they need to take care of themselves, but organizations like America’s Toothfairy: http://bit­.ly/rj2K08 are working to get the message out there because you only get one chance with your teeth. Non-profits like this are always a wonder way to donate: instead of giving out candy.. give out information!

    1. Michelle Dudash says:

      Only giving out candy would be a great way to invite kids to egg my house. What might be a better solution, along with the info, is handing out a toy or game. Today, while Halloween shopping, I hope to pick some up. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Life is all about healthy balance.

    1. Michelle Dudash says:

      I absolutely agree!

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