Nutrition Writer Attends Mixology Demo at Mabel’s on Main

Mixologist Clintat Mabel’s on Main

Mixologist holding Luxardo Maraschino cherry liqueurSince my message as a nutrition writer, media nutritionist, and recipe developer reaches a large audience, you might think I was constantly surrounded by people. On the contrary, I work independently planning and preparing in my office the majority of time. This is the main reason I make sure to take time out to participate in the networking events of the professional organizations of which I’m a member.

One of these organizations is Les Dames d’Escoffier, an invitational group of women leaders in the food and beverage industry. I am a member of the Phoenix chapter, and attend local meetings that are both educational and philanthropic. We launched the new membership year at Mabel’s on Main, a swanky lounge in Scottsdale. I celebrated my birthday there just a few months ago and was excited to return. The president-elect of our chapter, Nikki Buchanan, formerly the restaurant critic for Phoenix magazine, knows every inch of the dining scene in the valley of the sun and planned a deliciously informative evening.

Cheese platter from Iruna at Mabel’s on MainAfter the business meeting, we cozied up to the marble-top bar and were soon treated to plates adorned with Spanish cheeses. I shared this and the offerings to come with my dining companions. Mabel’s sister restaurant Iruna catered the food.

Beets at from Iruna at Mabel’s on MainBaby beets tossed in sherry vinegar and olive oil accompanied the cheese. Next, empanadas appeared and I devoured one and a half pieces.

Tortilla Espanola from Iruna at Mabel’s on MainA server approached carrying gigantic slices of cake. So soon? No, they were Spanish tortilla wedges, which were layered with thinly sliced potatoes and mortared together with egg. Stick-to-your-ribs and scrumptious.

Mixologist Clintat Mabel’s on MainClint the mixologist, who reminded me of a character on Entourage, (I can’t believe the final season is over!) began pouring Bellinis, sparkling wine cocktails made with white peach puree and Prosecco, instead of Champagne. I took home one thing from this session, it’s that Mabel’s uses really fresh, high quality ingredients. Clint’s tasted better than the Bellinis served at Mon Ami, my favorite brunch spot on the Las Vegas strip, and almost as good as the one I enjoyed in Venice, Italy at Harry’s Bar. High praise. He garnished the glasses with sprigs of thyme, a harmonious complement to the peach flavor.

While I wanted to down the entire glass, I couldn’t. I had to drive 30 minutes home. I’m a lightweight so I allowed myself only half a drink. A tragic necessity.

Bacon-Wrapped Dates with Blue Cheese from Iruna at Mabel’s on MainThen I nibbled a bacon-wrapped date stuffed with blue cheese.

Les Dames D’Escoffier, Phoenix ChapterThese are my Dames peeps.

Mixologist Niki at Mabel’s on MainOh boy. The other mixologist prepared the next drink, a Pim’s Cup. The name alone conjures images of perfectly coifed men sporting Lacoste shirts before heading to a polo match.

Pim’s Cup at Mabel’s on MainWhile I don’t deviate much from girly martinis and margarita cocktails, I’ll look forward to ordering a Pim’s Cup next time I visit Mabel’s. Made with Pim’s Cup liqueur, ginger root beer and Sprite, it was so refreshing. A good spa drink. I took one small sip from the communal copper cup. Make that two.

Hemingway Daquiri at Mabel’s on Main

Gulp. There would be more. This is the Hemingway Daiquiri made with rum, Luxardo Maraschino cherry liqueur, fresh lime and grapefruit juice. The two tiny sips I took were a little strong for my taste and served as the perfect cue to send me on my way before the next drink, the Aviation, was served.

It’s rare for me to depart before finding out what’s for dessert, but it was time to go. Fortunately, a quarter of a chocolate chip cookie awaited me at home.

So what’s your poison when ordering a cocktail?

Estimated calories: 585 dinner, 60 alcohol


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  1. Lindsay says:

    Hi Michelle!

    I’m excited to report that my gifts from California Raisins have come in the mail! I love EVERYTHING! A picture is soon to come. I’m hoping to bake or make something with the raisins that came with the package in the very near future.

    Your life seems so cool! You do a wonderful job sharing your expertise and experiences with the world!

    Thank you so much!


    1. Aw, thanks Lindsday! I’m so glad you love the California Raisin care package. Looking forward to your photo.
      If you’re looking for recipe inspiration, I just tasted this (actually drank two of them!) this morning at the raisin breakfast. So yummy and refreshing, and super simple.
      Take care and “see” you around.

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