Culinary Expert’s Grocery Shopping Haul at Fry’s Marketplace

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Shopping cartLet’s first tie up a few loose ends before getting into the shopping haul.

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The Freezer Challenge ended right before I left for The Greenbrier. Am I glad it’s over? Yes. It wasn’t easy. I was very strict for the first 30 days about not buying any frozen foods. Each day I used between one and three items from the freezer in my quest to create more space and to prevent food waste. After extending the challenge a few more weeks, I became a little lax about reducing my inventory every single day, but at least I didn’t compound the problem by purchasing more. I came close enough to completely turning over the contents of the garage freezer that I was able to wipe it clean. It was a good practice in self-restraint when grocery shopping and has made me more mindful of remembering to first check what I have before buying more.

Before leaving for The Symposium, I shopped for a few weekend necessities and stocked the kitchen for Steve and Scarlet for my time away. I also came armed with a handful of coupons.

Here are the healthy foods that I bought.

Grocery Shopping Haul at Fry’s Marketplace


Dole baby spinach

yellow corn

green onions


red potatoes






Boar’s Head low sodium turkey

Sabra hummus

Boar’s Head deli sandwich


pumpkin chocolate chip cookies


Barilla Plus pasta

Mott’s applesauce

Ocean Spray 100% grape juice

Metromint water

snack bags

parchment paper

Dole fruit cup

Dole mandarin oranges


Lean Cuisine meals

Michael Angelo’s eggplant Parmesan

Earth’s Best waffles

Alexia oven red fries

Alexia fries

Dairy case

whole milk

Chobani Greek Yogurt

Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss sweet cream creamer


Country Crock Shedd’s Spread

Tune in Thursday when I’ll share ideas from my Les Dames d’Escoffier International mixology class. It should be good.


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