Perfect Healthy Eating Day…Almost

For the past month I’ve been wearing my recipe developer hat testing slow cooker recipes. Some days three slow cookers were going at once. Other days I might have tested just one recipe, but for the second or third time. One can handle only so many stewed dishes consecutively, so I didn’t want to force that on you, which is one reason I haven’t been posting about everything I’ve eaten on a daily basis lately. Today, I’m getting back to basics by outlining a full day of the (mostly) healthy choices I’ve made. Meals, snacks, drinks, and cheats.

This should be the last piece of quiche from my freezer. Filled with Gruyere cheese, asparagus, leeks, and tomatoes, it was so satisfying. I also whipped up a blueberry banana smoothie for the sake of the Freezer Challenge.

I made a few batches of this Afternoon Reboot Trail Mix, and am still enjoying it. I find myself snacking on it in the morning to hold me over until lunch.

For lunch I ate the remains of the last slow cooker recipe, changed up a bit with blue cheese. My babysitter made Suddenly Salad Caesar for herself and Scarlet. It’s a comfort food from my childhood I couldn’t resist sharing. I nibbled on a small piece of dark chocolate afterwards.

This is where the “almost” fits in. I had a raging headache all day and this Diet Coke along with a couple of ibuprofen tablets seemed to help. Remember when I mentioned headaches last time? I just checked and that post was on July 12! Coincidental, I think not. It must be cyclical.

This box of Kashi Original 7 Grain Pita Crisps was in the BlogHer Conference swag bags. They tasted great and had a pleasant texture. Nutritionally…Not bad. The sodium comes in at 180 milligrams (I consider around 140 or lower to be good for snacks) and wheat flour (not whole wheat flour) is listed first on the ingredient list. The second ingredient is their Seven Whole Grain & Sesame Flour, and then chicory root fiber pops up further down the list. I grabbed a few more after finishing this small bowl and noticed that you can eat 11 crisps for only 120 calories.

After arriving home from my glorious uninterrupted hour of weight training at the gym, I devoured baby carrots dipped in roasted garlic hummus.

Winner Announced!

Speaking of Sabra Hummus, my super assistant Kim drew the name for the lucky winner of the Pepsico coupon pack giveaway from last week. Mary, you are the lucky winner! Please get in touch with us with your address.

My husband made his delicious skinny mashed potatoes and I ate a small bowl before dinner. I finally pried the recipe out of him. Steve prepared the rest of dinner while I laid on the floor cradling my aching head as Scarlet pounced on me. And why do we cradle our heads when we have a headache, as if it will actually provide relief?

Roasted skin-on, bone-in chicken breast and asparagus. Steve plated the potatoes again for the photo, but I only ate the first bowl.

Sipping wine sounded unappealing given my throbbing head. I fell asleep before the thought of dessert entered my mind. Today my head is better. I think I’ll pop in a yoga tape.

Estimated calories: 2208 (380 breakfast, 645 lunch, 580 dinner, 603 snacks)

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