Back to School, Back to Healthy in my September Newsletter!

Chef Michelle Dudash, registered dietitian spokesperson and mom


Who needs Lunchables and Snack-Packs when you can pack my Munchables and easy homemade chocolate milk pudding? Check out my latest newsletter for all the details on my favorite lunch box tips and tricks!

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Back-to-School Hacks: Healthy lunch boxes as seen on ABC-TV LA

Michelles munchables (1 of 1)

All of these would be placed in the Easy Lunchboxes brand of containers. Just two parts, dishwasher safe and BPA-free.

1: “Sushi roll” Lunch Box

Almond Butter and Grape “Sushi Rolls”: Cut the crust off 2 slices of 100% whole-grain bread. Roll flat with a rolling pin or your hands. Spread with nut-free Sunbutter (made with sunflower seeds) and sprinkle with sliced grapes. Roll tightly like sushi. Cut into thick slices with a serrated edge knife.

Designer eggs that double as a craft: Using a white crayon, have your child draw designs onto shell-on hard-boiled eggs. Dye with natural More...

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Chocolate Milk Tapioca Pudding as heard on Jenny McCarthy’s show

chocolate milk tapioca pudding

Image credit:

Instead of buying pre-packaged pudding snacks, you can make your own using fresh chocolate milk. It’s easy to create delicious, affordable and nutritious foods such as pudding at home using milk. Each serving of this creamy, chocolaty pudding contains 1/2 cup milk, providing nine essential nutrients including a good source of calcium and 7 grams of high quality protein. Your loved ones will just know it’s delicious. Made with 5 simple ingredients, you’re getting all of the goodness you want, and none of the stuff you don’t.

To spice things up, you can stir in 1/4 teaspoon … More...

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5-Ingredient Salmon Burgers for Food Network’s “Healthy Eats” Blog

Grilled Salmon Burgers

Once you taste a freshly made salmon burger, you may never want a frozen, premade patty again — especially when you can make a fresh one with only a handful of ingredients that you likely already have stocked. These Grilled Salmon Burgers with Sriracha Mayo only contain five ingredients, and come together in a snap!… More...

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Hybrid Snacking as Featured on The List Show

Michelle Dudash on TheListTV

You know when that craving hits? Maybe it’s for a bag of a salty-crunchy-greasy, or a hankering for sticky sweet-melty-chocolate. Either way, you gotta have it and you gotta have it now.

You can satisfy these cravings without completely going over the top. Enter hybrid snacking, which features something typically considered junk food, but paired with healthy ingredients. Hybrid snacking can be a good strategy to balance your junk food cravings out with nutritional foods.

Bollywood Trail Mix

Junk food: Sesame sticks (those little twiggy things that are deep-fried in soybean oil)

Mix with health foods:

  • Roasted almonds
  • Roasted
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Healthy Diet Tips on Vacation July 2015

Summer vacation. It’s one of my favorite times of year, and I’m guessing yours too. But the thing that’s not the favorite of a lot of people this time of year is the inevitable weight gain that comes with vacation. Today I’ll be sharing some of my best diet tips to not gain weight while you’re on vacation.

Veg out

This doesn’t mean lounging around–in fact, take the stairs! Opt for vegetables on the menu, whether is a side dish, a tasty soup, a salad, or a side dish from a new culture or a meatless option. Any of those things … More...

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Feel Fantastic All Summer with Tips from My July Newsletter


My July newsletter is here! Be sure to check out all of my tips, tricks and recipes to keep you feeling fantastic no matter what the season throws at you.

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My New 5-Ingredient Recipe for Food Network’s “Healthy Eats” Blog

Grilled Shrimp-Stuffed Mushrooms


Stuffed mushrooms are an awesome appetizer, but why are they only ever presented as bite-size party food? I stuffed entreé-sized meaty portobellos with sweet, briny shrimp for my latest installment on’s Healthy Eats blog. These Grilled Shrimp-Stuffed Mushrooms are a new take on surf and turf!… More...

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A Fit and Flavorful Fourth of July as Featured on Arizona Midday

Fourth with Michelle and Destry

It’s a holiday weekend, but heavy party food can really weigh you down in the summer heat. I’ve got your Fourth of July covered with an appetizer idea, a light-but-flavorful grilled chicken dish and a cocktail with an ingredient list that doubles as dessert!

Dips are popular party food for a reason. They’re a low-stress option for the host, and everyone loves them. I skip the heavy versions often loaded with mayo and cheese and opt for hummus instead. My family and I have been eating Sabra hummus for years, and they recently started working with me to help educate people about … More...

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What is Clean Eating? June 2015

As a clean eating cookbook author and Registered Dietitian, one of the questions I most frequently get is, “Well, what exactly is clean eating?”

What is clean eating? There are a variety of clean eating experts out there, there are different opinions. But one thing that we can all agree on is processed.

Choose whole foods in their least processed state

I see processed food as you take a single food and it falls on a continuum. On the far left, you have an apple you’ve plucked from a tree. There’s not processing going on there. But then the farther … More...

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