Clean Eating Chef Talks Superfoods with Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine

Michelle Dudash talks with Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine about second trimester super foods, focusing on iron. Choosing heme iron sources, like red meat, and pairing non-heme sources, like black beans, with vitamin C can prevent premature deliveries and low birth weights. Find the article here: Superfoods: Eating...
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Ginger: How to Cure Morning Sickness Naturally

The sweet, citrusy fragrance of ginger and its spicy taste accompany a multitude of therapeutic benefits. The Food and Drug Administration classifies ginger as “generally recognized as safe” and ginger has been used as a common remedy for morning sickness during early pregnancy. Ginger...
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Do I Need a Prenatal Vitamin?

I think I eat pretty healthy.  Do I still need to take a prenatal vitamin if I’m pregnant? The answer depends on how balanced your diet is to begin with.  A woman of average weight and height, approximately 163 pounds and 5 feet 4 inches...
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How to Eat More Protein During Pregnancy

Written by Jessica Marie, RD, reviewed by Michelle Dudash, RD. Pregnancy is the time for preparing yourself and your world for your new little one. When a new baby is on the way it seems that you need more of everything: more furniture, space, clothes,...
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