Sautéed Cremini and Wild Mushrooms

A wonderful side to compliment your holiday meal

Mushrooms are my husband’s and my must-have steak pairing. Mushrooms count as a vegetable, too. I typically use cremini mushrooms and fancy them up a bit during the holidays with the addition of wild mushrooms and a spot of butter. Sautéed Cremini and Wild Mushrooms 1...
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Crispy Roasted Red Potato Slices

A perfect side for your holiday meal

My Dad was a grilling enthusiast and frequently made a foil-pouch version of this simple potato recipe. But with butter, naturally. As a kid, I thought it was the most amazing side dish on the planet. Fast forward a few decades, and now I...
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Best Turkey Gravy

This two-step gravy is well worth the effort, I promise.

This two-step gravy is well worth the effort, I promise. I recommend preparing the broth one or two days before Thanksgiving. It holds great in the refrigerator. You can make ahead the gravy, too. Best Turkey Gravy Step 1: Flavorful turkey broth/base for the turkey...
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Butternut Squash Risotto with Roasted Tomatoes & Pepitas Recipe

I became very picky about risotto after cooking it day after day at Mary Elaine’s (R.I.P.) at The Phoenician. Freshly made, well-executed risotto should be pourable, not sticky or firm, and it should also be eaten immediately. There’s no way around the watchful hour...
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Creamy Potato Soup Recipe for All

You say potato. I say Brian Malarkey. The inspiration for this recipe stems from a recent visit to San Diego that included a potato luncheon at Searsucker. The restaurant’s very own Brian Malarkey, a past Top Chef finalist, made an appearance. Take note, PR professionals, on how...
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