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A Resolution that Sticks: More Protein at Breakfast


Make a New Year Resolution that Will Stick: Get More Protein at Breakfast

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I hear it every year from people. “This year I resolve to eat healthier and lose weight.” It typically goes like this: Week one, said …

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Want to know how to boost your metabolism to help you lose weight?

In shape woman exercisingIntroducing our new monthly column from Appetite for Health!

I’m excited to welcome my dietitian colleagues from Appetite for Health, Julie Upton, MS, RD, CSSD, and Katherine Brookings, MS, RD, and their new syndicated weight loss column on MichelleDudash.com. …

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How to Lose Weight: Media Nutritionist Shares Her Workout Tips

Personal trainer Scott Keppel and me.

People frequently tell me that they’ve been working out diligently, eating well and experienced a substantial weight loss for the first few months. But then subsequently their body weight or waistline measurement wouldn’t budge. Many times …

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Weight Loss: Beat The Bloat Before Hitting the Beach

Temporary abdominal bloat can be a total bummer when you want to slide into a form fitting dress, tight jeans, or a belly baring bathing suit. Fortunately, this discomfort and embarrassment can be avoided with just a few simple steps.…

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Weight loss: Determining the Number that is Right for You

Recently I was engaged in a heated Facebook discussion defending a colleague of mine, Elisa Zied, who was interviewed by FOX News for an article about Princess Kate’s closely scrutinized appearances. The controvery is over Kate’s weight.

I feel bad that Kate has to …

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