Trump’s Build a Wall-Nut Trail Mix (funny)

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 Trump’s Build a Wall-Nut Trail Mix

Made just how Trump likes it, this mix is full figured and loaded with personality.


  • Beef jerky (I use a really classy kind of beef. Isn’t that great?)
  • 100% whole-grain Goldfish (Because the Donald loves everything in gold.)
  • Gold chocolate coins (With Trump, you can’t  have too much gold or money.)
  • See’s dark chocolate covered raisins (Donald loves See’s candies)
  • A tremendous amount of walnuts (To build the best trail mix, guaranteed!)


Mix ingredients together. But don’t over mix it, because that would be. A total. Disaster. Terrible. Don’t screw it up, otherwise, America, you’re fired. 

Serve in a gold cup.

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