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Recipe: Mango & Date Parfaits with Cardamom Greek Yogurt

Recipe: Mango & Date Parfaits with Cardamom Honey Greek Yogurt

I recently hosted a Moroccan themed baby shower and created this spiced yogurt to accompany fruit skewers. My sister is still talking about “that yogurt” and begging for the recipe, so I decided to make it official and share. …

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Recipe: Sneaky Greens & Berry Smoothie with Ginger

Sneaky Greens Berry SmoothieExcept for a few sometimes used in egg dishes, vegetables aren’t common in the typical American breakfast. With purple blackberries obscuring the green hue of the spinach, even vegetable haters won’t notice that this smoothie offers one full serving of vegetables. Get your blackberries …

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TV Nutritionist in Phoenix Shows Healthy Frozen Drinks on Arizona Midday, NBC12

Cut mango from TV Nutritionist Michelle Dudash

Arizona Midday host Destry Jetton asked me to come in to the show today and talk about healthy frozen drinks, now that the thermostat is hitting 100 degrees in Phoenix.

Here are the tips and recipes I shared on how …

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