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Welcome Back Healthy Grocery Shopping Haul and Pre-Halloween Bonus

After returning home this week from a family funeral, I found myself feeding Scarlet applesauce three days in a row, and eating a grilled cheese sandwich filled with wilted spinach and grainy refrigerated tomatoes. Grocery shopping couldn’t be…

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Culinary Expert’s Grocery Shopping Haul at Fry’s Marketplace

Shopping cartLet’s first tie up a few loose ends before getting into the shopping haul.

Subscriber-Only Giveaway Winner Announced!

Congratulations to Kellie for commenting on my egg poacher post and being the randomly chosen winner!


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Healthy Food Shopping Haul at Sprouts

Over Labor Day weekend I took full advantage of Steve keeping Scarlet while I went to my workout and shopped afterwards. I splurged and drove the extra 15 minutes to Sprouts Farmers Market, a…

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What a Nutritionist Buys at Fresh & Easy

I needed a handful of things from the store last night so I headed to my Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market. I had just picked Scarlet up from preschool and its smaller size makes it easier to get…

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Nutritionist’s Food Haul with More Coupons

My trip to the grocery store last Sunday reminded me why I avoid shopping on the weekends – it’s packed with people! The benefit to me, though, is that my husband watches the baby while I shop solo. This affords…

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Grocery Haul Post Vacay

I feel healthier already since my Wisconsin trip. The memories of deep fried cheese curds, fried fish, and butter-drenched desserts are fading as fresh fruit, vegetables, and light pasta dishes appear once again on my plate.

Yesterday I…

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Dietitian’s Confessions: Grocery Shoppers Anonymous

It’s happened too many times to count. I run into the grocery store with the intent of purchasing one or two needed ingredients, not even grabbing a shopping basket. By the time I make my way from point…

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Michelle’s Grocery Haul and Incredible Coupon Discovery

While I love the idea of coupons, I rarely get around to actually using them. I file them in a coupon organizer, where they often sit until expired. Sometimes I remember to pop them into my purse before heading to…

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Where a Nutritionist Shops for Groceries

A few weeks ago a fellow blog reader, Zerin, suggested that I start posting about my shopping hauls. I googled “shopping haul” and discovered that it’s a popular social media trend for people to show off the goods…

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Chocolate: A Few of My Favorite Things (and giveaway!)

I have three dietary vices that I feel compelled to consume regularly: coffee (daily), red wine, and chocolate. Sure, they all boast health benefits, namely disease-fighting antioxidants, but in terms of the Posted in Grocery Shopping Hauls / Trips | Tagged , | 8 Comments